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20 Healthy Habits That Make Your Life Long

Generally, we really pay attention to physical health by always exercising and maintaining nutritional intake, but tend to forget the  importance of our mental health  . Even though there is a close relationship between physical health and  mental health  where one condition can affect other conditions. Maintaining  mental health is very important, and especially for those of us who live in big cities. The daily busyness, demands of work, traffic jams, and various other things that we have probably ignored so far can unknowingly make us vulnerable to stress.

Just as stress can be caused by small things in our daily lives, maintaining mental health can also be done through small steps that are positive. Start with small things that make you happy and start with yourself and then do the following steps to support the mental health of all family members. The following 20 activities you can do to maintain your mental health and your family.

1. If there is an escalator or elevator, choose to climb the stairs. By climbing the stairs you will train your muscles and burn fat. Imagine if you do that everyday, you can imagine how many calories you burn.

2. Try to move every hour or try to stand more. According to various health studies, sitting too much can cause many diseases, one of which is high blood pressure. So, so let's get up from the seat.

3. If there is a goal nearby, the healthier you walk there. Walking is one way to get adventurous to know your environment and at the same time work to add to your sport. If you bring a vehicle you can park some distance away and walk to your destination.

4. Make exercising a part of your routine. In addition to walking and climbing stairs, increasing exercise can help you stay healthy. Try exercising lightly for 30 minutes on a regular basis and you monitor the results on your body.

5. Don't forget to track or monitor your steps. The ideal daily steps that you can try are 10,000 steps. You can monitor it through various applications on your smartphone such as the Runtastic Pedometer application available on Google Play and the Apps Store.

6. Another thing you can do is stretching . Stretching is good enough to flex tense muscles due to daily activities and also relax them. By stretching you can feel more energetic and a more cheerful mood situation.

7. Start choosing whole foods ( whole food ) rather than junk food or processed foods. Foods made with less ingredients are generally healthier. If food is made from materials you are not familiar with, such as chemicals, it is certainly not good if consumed continuously.

8. Drink water . An easy way to get around this habit is to bring a drinking bottle with you. There are many benefits of drinking water, such as hydrating the body, helping to lower blood sugar, and so on. Choose water over soft drinks. Because soft drinks have a high sugar content.

9. Start including vegetables in daily diet. Your body doesn't just need protein and carbohydrates. Your body needs the nutrients and fiber found in plants. In order to maintain your body's resistance, start eating vegetables.

10. Cooking Foods. Try cooking your own food so that you know how to process the food you eat. You can also adjust the amount of food according to your body proportions.

11. Read food labels. You should know what your food is made of. If the food has too much processing material, you should start reducing it. It would be better if you eat foods made from natural ingredients.

12. Eat consciously. Sometimes when watching TV while eating snacks, we often don't realize that the food we are eating has run out. This can store calories in your body. You can start reducing this by eating consciously. Be aware of the food you eat in terms of portion, composition and timing. Take time to chew and taste the food.

13. Keep a food journal. You should know what you eat and organize it by writing what you eat in a food journal.

14. Think positively. Take that one whole hour to tell yourself to start hearing positive voices and avoid negative voices. You could also start by learning to like yourself. With this you can slowly begin to feel happiness.

15. Set goals and steps to make them happen. The new year is synonymous with resolutions for the better. In order to make your dreams come true, you need to know your goals first. After that you also need to think about action steps to make it happen.

16. Set a good sleep. Adequate sleep is important to reduce the risk of disease, help you lose weight, and restore energy to carry out daily activities. Better sleep is 7-9 hours per night.

17. Start avoiding smoking. Apart from respiratory health at stake, smoking also exacerbates vascular complications. If you have diabetes and smoke, your blood sugar will worsen.

18. Laugh more often. Laughter makes you happy and is also good for health.

19. Dare to say 'no' once in a while. You don't always have to accept or approve when someone asks for help. If you are busy or you feel overwhelmed, you should refuse gently.

20. Write down the things that make you grateful every day.

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